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Price: 80 RON



This zeolite based mask  has  miraculous benefits besides the regular Zeolit mask due to addition of  of 10-12%  of activated zeolite powder with a grain size of 100 to 150 microns, powder, sort introduced in order to provide a deeper  effect of  abrasion to exfoliate the surface layer of dead cells.

  Using this type of mask layer is indicated where coarser powders are  required  to be removed, the mask's effect is much stronger, as fine powder of zeolite acts directly on cells after removal of dead skin cells.

This is a cosmetic mask with an extremely powerful effect, whose use is recommended to do at a minimum interval of two weeks, preferably to be applied by a professional beautician.

Product package: activated, micronized zeolite powder, 300 gram bottle, suitable for 20 face masks.