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One of the things learned from anatomy books, since primary school, is that the skin is the largest human organ, having a crucial role in defending the body from environmental aggression, protecting it from environmental factors not allow survival of human beings.
 This is why the skin should be kept in a state of perfect health, away as possible chemical and biological factors that may impair it's health.
 Since centuries, the healing effects of clay are used for cleansing, detoxification, repair, refresh and beautify skin.
 Micronized zeolite particles due to very high negative load, attract positively charged toxins and neutralize them. These toxins are harmful and this way they leave the skin helping to detoxify the body.
 Particles of sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium are released from the powder into the bloodstream to feed the body and attract the toxic particles from the body, then encircle the cell membranes providing a constant protection capturing  free radicals.

 As a result it improves the skin health and restore immunity, slows aging, increases the absorption of oxygen and thus increasing cellular energy and health of the skin.

 Activated ZEOLIT has a proven antioxidant action, detoxification and  stimulation on the skin immune system.
 Nano-particles quickly get in contact with the skin and helps accelerate cell regeneration.
 The U.S. military has long used zeolite powder in first aid for rapid wound closure.
 Zeolit(r) powder is 10 times stronger action because of special patented technology.

-Zeolit dermatological powder  is  recommended to: wounds, burns, wounds for quick closing, as a disinfectant because of its bacteriostatic as detoxifier because of its absorption and removing odors, as an aid in the treatment of various skin disorders .

 Composition of Zeolit dermatological powder: pure zeolite powder (clinoptilolite) fine micronized  and  thermo-mecanically  activated.

 The application of zeolite-dermatological powder: apply powder on the skin 2 times a day as a supplement in the treatment of various skin disorders.

Zeolite powder is used very successfully in skin disorders: treatment of wounds and burns because it's bacteriologic action, disinfectant, detoxifying and healing. Promotes healing of various mycoses, herpes, eczemas and psoriasis.
Appearance:micronized zeolite powder,  300 grams containers